ZE WhatsApp APK Download (Official Update) v6.65 2023

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Are you tired of the limitations of the official version of WhatsApp? Look no further, because ZE Whatsapp is here to revolutionize your messaging experience!

With its anti-ban feature and a plethora of unique features like reading deleted messages and downloading Whatsapp statuses, ZE Whatsapp is one of the best Whatsapp mods available.

Plus, it offers privacy features to keep your chats secure.

Want to know more? Read on to discover the details, features, pros, cons, and how to install ZE Whatsapp on your Android device.

What is ZE WhatsApp

ZE WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp that offers additional features not available in the original app.

With ZE WhatsApp, you can enjoy a hidden chat feature for added privacy.

You can also customize your messaging experience with customized themes.

Enhanced privacy settings allow you to control who can see your information.

ZE WhatsApp also includes anti-delete messages, multiple account support, advanced media sharing, and anti-ban protection.

It also offers improved message scheduling, auto-reply functionality, and an increased file-sharing limit.

ZE WhatsApp Advanced Features

In this discussion, you’ll explore the advanced features of ZEWhatsApp.

First, you’ll discover the hidden chat feature, which allows you to hide specific chats from the main chat list.

Then, you’ll learn about the customized themes available, giving you the freedom to personalize the app interface with your favorite colors, wallpapers, and icons.

Additionally, you’ll explore the enhanced privacy settings, the anti-delete messages option that lets you view deleted messages, and the multiple account support, enabling you to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single app. You can also explore Fouad WhatsApp.

Hidden Chat Feature

To access the hidden chat feature, you can simply enable the privacy settings within ZE WhatsApp. This feature ensures added security measures for your conversations.

User reviews have praised this feature, comparing it to other mods available. WhatsApp Ze is compatible with various devices and offers customization options.

While there may be privacy concerns, future updates and improvements aim to address these. Overall, user satisfaction is high, but potential risks and drawbacks should be considered before use.

Customized Themes Available

There are a variety of customized themes available in WhatsApp Ze, allowing you to personalize the app’s interface to your liking.

With WhatsApp Ze, you can choose from a range of themes to give your app a unique look.

Along with customizable themes, WhatsApp Ze also offers a user-friendly interface design, advanced security features, privacy settings, message scheduling, media sharing, a higher file-sharing limit, support for multiple accounts, auto-reply functionality, and an anti-delete messages feature.

Enhanced Privacy Settings

Enhanced privacy settings in ZEWhatsApp allow you to take control of your privacy. You can customize your last seen status, choose who can see your profile photo, and disable read receipts.

Here are some key features that enhance your privacy:

  1. Hidden chat feature
  2. Anti-delete messages option
  3. Multiple account support
  4. Advanced media sharing.

With these features, ZEWhatsApp ensures that your conversations remain private and secure.

Anti-Delete Messages Option

The anti-delete messages option in ZEWhatsApp allows you to view and keep track of deleted messages. With this feature, you can stay updated on conversations even if someone deletes their messages. This enhances your privacy and gives you a sense of control over your chats.

Along with anti-delete messages, WhatsApp offers a range of features. These include hidden chat, customized themes, multiple accounts, advanced media sharing, anti-ban protection, message scheduling, auto-reply, and increased file sharing limit. We also provide JT WhatsApp.

Multiple Account Support

You can easily manage and switch between multiple accounts on ZEWhatsApp, giving you the flexibility to stay connected with different groups of people.

Here’s what you can do with multiple account management:

  1. Keep your conversations secure with data encryption.
  2. Back up your chats to ensure you never lose important messages.
  3. Enjoy group chat features for easy communication with multiple people.
  4. Take advantage of voice message recording, contact blocking, message search functions, status privacy settings, app notification customization, and message forwarding options.

With ZEWhatsApp, staying connected has never been easier.

Advanced Media Sharing

Share your favorite photos and videos seamlessly with friends and family using ZE WhatsApp’s advanced media-sharing capabilities. With ZE WhatsApp, you can easily send and receive high-quality media files without any limitations. Not only that, but you also have access to a hidden chat feature, customized themes, enhanced privacy settings, anti-delete messages, multiple account support, anti-ban protection, improved message scheduling, auto-reply functionality, and an increased file sharing limit. WhatsApp Ze truly takes your media-sharing experience to the next level.

Advanced Media SharingShare high-quality photos and videos effortlessly
Hidden Chat FeatureKeep your private conversations discreet
Customized ThemesPersonalize your ZEWhatsApp with unique themes
Enhanced Privacy SettingsHave full control over your privacy and security
Anti-Delete MessagesSee and reply to deleted messages
Multiple Account SupportManage multiple accounts in one app
Anti-Ban ProtectionProtect your account from being banned
Improved Message SchedulingSchedule messages to be sent at specific times
Auto Reply FunctionalitySet automatic replies when you are unable to respond
Increased File Sharing LimitShare larger files without any restrictions

Anti-Ban Protection Included

In addition to its advanced features like hidden chats and customizable themes, ZEWhatsApp also prioritizes user safety with its anti-ban feature. This feature ensures that your account is protected and secure while using the modded app.

With ZEWhatsApp, you can enjoy all the benefits of the original WhatsApp with added functionalities like anti-delete messages, multiple accounts, media sharing, and even message scheduling.

Rest easy knowing that your privacy settings are customizable and your safety is a top priority. You can also try Aero WhatsApp.

Improved Message Scheduling

Get ready to experience the convenience of improved message scheduling with ZEWhatsApp’s latest update. With ZEWhatsApp, you can now schedule your messages to be sent at specific times and dates, making it easier to stay organized and never miss an important message. Along with improved message scheduling, ZEWhatsApp also offers enhanced privacy settings, a hidden chat feature, auto-reply functionality, customized themes, multiple account support, advanced media sharing, an anti-delete messages option, increased file sharing limit, and anti-ban protection. Upgrade to ZEWhatsApp now and enjoy these amazing features.

Improved Message SchedulingSchedule messages to be sent at specific times and dates
Enhanced Privacy SettingsCustomize your privacy settings to control who can see your information
Hidden Chat FeatureHide chats from your main chat list for added privacy

Auto-Reply Functionality Added

The auto-reply functionality has been added to ZEWhatsApp, allowing you to set automatic responses when you’re offline. This feature enhances user customization and saves time by automatically responding to messages.

With ZEWhatsApp’s security measures and privacy settings, you can ensure that your messages are protected. Along with this, you can enjoy media sharing options, message scheduling, file sharing without any limit, and even support multiple accounts.

WhatsApp Ze also offers unique features like anti-delete messages to enhance your messaging experience. Also, try Blue WhatsApp.

Increased File Sharing Limit

You can now easily share large files, such as 90 images and 50 MB videos, with ZE WhatsApp. This feature allows for increased file sharing and improved privacy. In addition to that, WhatsApp Ze offers hidden chat, customized themes, anti-delete messages, multiple account support, advanced media sharing, anti-ban protection, message scheduling, and auto-reply functionality. Here’s a table to give you a better understanding:

Hidden chatEnhanced privacy
Customized themesPersonalize your experience
Anti-delete messagesNever miss important information
Multiple accountsManage multiple profiles
Advanced media sharingShare files effortlessly
Anti-ban protectionKeep your account safe
Message SchedulingSend messages at your convenience
Auto-reply functionalityStay connected even when offline

Download ZE WhatsApp APK

App NameZE WhatsApp
Requirement5.0 and up

Some Important stats about ZE WhatsApp

Impressively, ZEWhatsApp has gained popularity worldwide due to its unique features and safety measures.

Here are some important stats about ZEWhatsApp:

  1. Pros and Cons: Users have praised ZEWhatsApp for its customization options and increased file-sharing limit. However, some have reported issues with compatibility with other apps.
  2. User Reviews: Many users have expressed satisfaction with ZEWhatsApp, citing its user-friendly interface and added privacy features.
  3. Security Measures: ZEWhatsApp ensures the safety of user accounts with its anti-ban feature and privacy settings.
  4. Latest Updates: ZEWhatsApp regularly releases updates to improve its performance and address any common issues.

Overall, ZEWhatsApp provides an enhanced messaging experience, but users should be aware of potential compatibility issues and follow the proper steps to uninstall or troubleshoot any problems.

ZE WhatsApp Pros & Cons

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of ZEWhatsApp.

This modified version of WhatsApp offers several advantages:

  • Hidden chat feature
  • Customized themes
  • Enhanced privacy settings
  • Anti-delete messages
  • Multiple account support
  • Advanced media sharing

It also provides:

  • Anti-ban protection
  • Improved message scheduling
  • Auto-reply functionality
  • Increased file-sharing limit

However, it’s important to consider the potential risks and limitations that come with using modded apps. Remember to use ZEWhatsApp at your own discretion.

Download & Install ZEWhatsApp on Android

To get ZEWhatsApp on your Android device, simply click on the provided download button and follow the installation process.

Once installed, you’ll have access to a range of exciting features, including:

  • A hidden chat feature for added privacy
  • Auto reply functionality for convenient messaging
  • Enhanced privacy settings for increased security
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Advanced media-sharing options
  • Anti-ban protection
  • Increased file-sharing limit
  • Improved message scheduling
  • Anti-delete messages option
  • The ability to customize themes to suit your style.

My Experience

I’ve had a great experience using ZEWhatsapp with its unique features and enhanced privacy settings.

The benefits of using ZEWhatsapp are numerous, as seen in user reviews.

In comparison with other mods, ZEWhatsapp stands out with its user-friendly interface and reliability.

Troubleshooting tips are readily available, and hidden features make the app even more exciting to explore.

The latest updates have further improved the app’s performance, and community support ensures a seamless experience.

Exciting future developments are expected to make ZEWhatsapp even better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZEWhatsapp Available for iOS Devices?

Yes, ZeWhatsapp is available for iOS devices. It is a safer alternative with a customizable interface, backup and restore options, and strong security features. Download and install it from the App Store for a better messaging experience.

Can I Use ZE Whatsapp Without Uninstalling the Official Whatsapp?

Yes, you can use ZEWhatsapp without uninstalling the official Whatsapp. It is compatible with your device and offers great customization options, security features, and data backup options. User reviews praise its performance, speed, and user interface design. Regular updates and bug fixes ensure a smooth experience.

Does ZE Whatsapp Support Video Calls and Group Calls?

Yes, ZEWhatsapp supports video calls and group calls. The video call quality is good, but there may be limitations in group calls. Alternatives to ZEWhatsapp for video calls include apps like Zoom and Google Meet. To have a smooth video calling experience on ZEWhatsapp, ensure a stable internet connection and update the app regularly. Privacy concerns can be addressed by using the app’s security features and following best practices for hosting group calls. Troubleshooting video call issues can be done by checking internet connection, restarting the app, or reinstalling it. Future updates for video calling on ZE Whatsapp may bring additional features and improvements.

Are There Any Charges or Subscription Fees for Using ZEWhatsapp?

No, there are no charges or subscription fees for using ZEWhatsapp. It is a free messaging app that offers features like data privacy, customizable user interface, and strong security measures.

Can I Transfer My Chat History From the Official Whatsapp to ZEWhatsapp?

Yes, you can transfer your chat history from the official WhatsApp to ZEWhatsApp. ZEWhatsApp provides backup options for data migration. It ensures compatibility, privacy, and security while maintaining a user-friendly interface and contact synchronization.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a modified version of Whatsapp with additional features, ZEWhatsapp is an excellent choice.

With features like anti-ban protection, the ability to read deleted messages, and privacy options, it offers a unique and enhanced messaging experience.

ZEWhatsapp is safe to use and regularly updated for optimal performance.

By enabling unknown sources in your device settings and following a simple installation process, you can enjoy all the benefits of ZEWhatsapp.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

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