Medicare Advantage Plan

What is Medicare advantage plan

Medicare advantage plan is one of the four parts of Medicare also known as part C plan. This is a plan that covers extra medical costs that cannot be covered in parts A and B. You will not need to have part D, the prescription drug plan since part c provides the cover. Medicare advantage plan is provided by Medicare in collaboration with other private companies. Part A and Part B Medicare are solely provided by the government while part c is provided by private companies approved by Medicare.

Medicare advantage plan is an alternative for part A and part B plans. For extra coverage, you should pay extra premiums from part B plan. However, if you enjoy social security benefits your premium is reduced to some amount since the total cost is partially paid. If you enroll in Medicare advantage plan alongside Part A and Part B, you should use medicate advantage plan card and not the other two.

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Advantages of part c plan

Medicare advantage has an advantage as it provides extra coverage and it can lower your total medical cost as it has all in one. If you already have part A and Part B plans you can enroll for part c plan which will see you enjoy most benefits that what Medigap can provide.  You will not have to buy Medigap cover since plan c can provide most services provided by Medigap at a lower cost. The other advantage of plan C is that it covers prescription drugs on its own. This means that you do not have to buy part D plan for your drug prescriptions. Plan C also covers all emergency services.

How to enroll for Medicare advantage plan

You can enroll in Medicare advantage plan when you first hit 65 years old. You can also enroll later with a penalty for late enrollment that will continue for the entire card usage. You may enroll later in the open window between October 15 and December 7 every year.

What does Medicare advantage plan cover

Medicare advantage plans cover everything that is covered in part A and part B. It also provides extra covers which includes dental, optical services and wellness programs. Medicare advantage plan also covers prescription drugs which means you do not need to enroll in part D plan if you have Medicare advantage plan.

Final word

Some services are not medically necessary according to Medicare and will not be covered in this plan. Talk to your medical practitioner to find out which service is medically necessary and which one is not. If a service is termed as not medically necessary, you may choose to pay the entire amount and appeal their decision later.