Is It Possible To Change A Medicare Supplement Plan?

After taking any Medicare supplement plan you may need to change it to another plan. There can be many reasons that will lead to changing your Medigap Policy. Your health may have deteriorated and thus you need to choose a plan with more benefits or you may not require so many benefits at present and thus want to switch over to some less paying plan.

Under the Federal Law you will not have the right to switch Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 apart from certain specific circumstances. You can do so if you are within the 6 month of Open enrollment of Medigap.

Suspension of Medigap policy

You may want to suspend the Medigap policy if you get another job and enjoy health insurance there. You can hold it or even may suspend it. You can suspend the policy if

  • You are a dependent and the person on whom you are dependent gets a job whereby you too are entitled to a health insurance.
  • The right to suspend the health insurance will be possible only when the employer gets health insurance for people who are not yet 65.

In order to suspend the Medigap you have to contact the insurance company from where you have taken the Medigap policy.

In case for any circumstances you stop getting the private medical insurance facilities then you can again get back your Medigap policies. You have to inform the insurance company about it within 90 days of stop of health coverage.

Even if you get Medicaid facilities then also you can hold your Medicare supplement plans or suspend it. Your insurance company will guide you with the procedure for suspension of Medigap in such circumstances. You can keep the policy of Medigap suspended for 2 years. If you wish you can keep both active together by paying premium for both.