By now we understand that Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 are meant to supplement where Medicare is not able to cater for. One of the qualifications is that one must be in the Medicare part A and Bin order to apply for the supplement plan which is also well known as Medigap.

That means it covers the gaps left out by the Medicare. The state offers a standardized way in which companies that offer Medicare supplement plans should operate.

Some of the crucial points that one should be careful about when searching for Medicare supplement plans are as below;

  1. The Medicare supplement plans are paid through a crossover claim method. This means that for one to claim on this plan, you have got to present your Medicare cards and fill the forms which are all standardized by the federal government.

Much as many companies may want to sell out that they pay their claims faster than the other, this is only a competitive factor that they use to get clients otherwise the claim must be paid by the insurance no matter the type of company one is dealing with.

  1. Medicare supplement plans can be used at any part of the country or even overseas.

It does not matter where one is, so long as you have insured yourself with Medicare, there is no limit of hospitals that you are restricted to use, and as such, this becomes an advantage due to flexibility since most of the insurance companies are all over and they are well networked.

  • Medigap plans are standardized- The federal government has ensured that there is uniformity for all the companies that offer Medicare supplement plans and when one chooses this plan, it is important to keep on checking on those reputable companies who will at the end of the day offer quality services.

One should also check on the prices that the companies are using to avoid being exploited whereas the services being offered are all the same.


It is best to go for Medicare supplement plans- The reason behind this is because they help one reduce the costs of medication by a reasonable margin. For instance, when one is using Medicare alone, you are forced to pay an extra 20% of the total costs.

Medicare supplement plans will greatly reduce these costs since it will comfortably pay for any extras incurred and not payable by Medicare.